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About IP symphony ®

IP Symphony Inc. have long been engaged in the license business including planning, producing, directing and its implementing of Event and Campaign for promotion, merchandising, development of brand, products and also Management of Intellectual Property for overseas clients as well as domestic clients, resulting in accumulating many know-haws, skills, technical knowledges, other experiences required in the license Business.

We present Japanese Origina Arts

Featured characters “BUBU” from Brazil
Featured characters from Taiwan "SHIBA SAYS"
Featured characters “Singa Polah” from Singapore
Featured characters from Taiwan “HEAVENKID”
Whatever happens, your life will turn better.
“Change your life with Yoten-Karuta”
Deep sea fish art“Crestfishes”
The first series“oichii”(Delicious)

Making a product closest to mothers, babies and also our Planet, by registered trademark” CHIKARAKANA”.
Familiar with flowers“ Flower Education Kids Program”
“Children's science vacation”
Working pregnant women's evening party

Business field of IP symphony ®

1 License Agent for your Property


Note: We can offer flexible structure for your requirement regarding our role in License Agent.

2 Find out Licensee(s) and Licenser(s) to promote your Business and Property

3 Product development and merchandising with your Properties as License Agent.

4 Branding Development for your Property

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Your Partners

Toshiki Amano

CEO, License Director Intellectual property Analyst(Certified by AIPE), Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist, Certified of Intellectual Property Management.
Specialist in the field of Intellectual property, and have long been engaged in the work of IP related works in global company. 

Ekuko Amano

COO, License Director
Master of Intellectual Property(MIP)
Specialist in the IP field, especially in the license business and promotion of Character, Entertainment, Publishing, its related area in IP.